Brownies Fullmoon Box (L) 布朗尼满月盒 (大) with baby photo

Brownies Fullmoon Box (L) 布朗尼满月盒 (大) with baby photo

Cow year baby Fullmoon Box 
1 x Brownies with Strawberries, Biscoff, Pretzels topping. 
4 x cookies in cow year packaging 
2 x red eggs
2 x angkukueh 

*minimum 6 box

Customized message written on box,
with customized Fujifilm photo print. 

#Chocbrary homemade products contain no pork, no lard, no alcohol, no preservative. 

Homemade using Thermomix® by Alice Loh with premium ingredients. 

* 2 Days Pre Order

Delivery within Johor Bahru. 
ENQUIRE for customized gift box or delivery to other states!

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